UC discounts:

UC has negotiated discounts with certain vendors. For example, special UC prices for electronics can be found on the CDW UC page. Warning: if the item isn't available for immediate delivery, call them! Their back-order ship-by estimates on the site are purely fictional in my experience; ask the rep to check for you. We also have a contract with Office Max. Log onto blu.berkeley.edu with your calnet ID and click the "buying" tab to check prices. The actual Office Max order must be placed by Yawo; cc me so I can tell him what account to charge. Good deals for UC on some common hardware and software can be had through The Scholar's Workstation. Other UC software licenses are available through UC Software Distribution.

ERSO projects:

If you are funded through ERSO you can make purchase requests with the ERSO online purchasing system. For standard office supplies you don't need to specify vendor. The system will automatically notify me to enter the authorization.

Undergraduate Research Apprentice:

Undergraduate Research Apprentice funds are administered by April Alford in 6195 Etcheverry (6th floor NE corner office). For venders that accept them, you can ask her to prepare a purchase order, or you can just buy the supplies yourself and get a reimbursement form from her -- tell her it's from my 18083 URAP account and she can find the full account number to fill in -- and bring the form to me to sign. You just need to attach the sales slip.

Other supplies and equipment:

Other accounts are also handled by April -- see above for the procedure. You will need to get the account number from me.