Virtual Reality Design Station Project


College of Engineering "Lab Notes" article: Touching the Future of Virtual Reality.
Coverage in The Daily Cal: Engineers Offer Virtual Means of Collaboration.


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Students working on the project include (graduate): Young Shon, Irena Nadjakova, (undergraduate) : (Software) Eric Karasuda, Reza Widjaja, Alex Kozlowski, Alexandre Joly, Nisha Pan, Michelle Kam, Drew Chen, (Hardware) Kelson Kwong, Anis Sadeghpour, Ani Siyahian, Anna Tsai, Spencer Ahrens, Tomasz Matlak, (Scanning) Kenn Knowles, Kathy Yiu.

Students who have worked on the project in the past include: Cheston Tan, Devesh Parekh, Chris Ward, Johnnie Kim, James Wu, Sandy Lin, Patrick Wong, Euzane Mike Pao, Cathy Tao, Matt Au , Vicky Li, Gary Peck, Gil Yuh, Andrew Way.


If you are new to the project, start by reading the lab orientation information page. If you are coding, study the coding guidelines that Young put together. If you are using the large Phantom, read Cheston's tutorial on how to use the reset arm on the large Phantom. Here are instructions for re-aligning or replacing the acrylic placement holder on the end of the reset arm, if needed. If you are running a collocated application such as CHaMUE and the collocation seems off, you probably need to regenerate the calibration file. If you are working with the headtracker, read Anis' writeup on running the Logitech range checking program. Read and contribute to additional lab webpages put together by students working in the lab.

New research students, please also read my page on electronic library resources.
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