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I am currently supervising the following students:

Xiaorui Chen
Rahul Khardekar
Adarsh Krishnamurthy
Wei Li
Youngung Shon
Yusuke Yasui
Undergraduate 199 students:
Kevin Stein
James Quintana
Former graduate students I have worked with:

Irena Nadjakova (M.S. 2004, "Networking for Telecollaborative Design," co-advised with Prof. Sequin)

Rohit Ambekar

Former undergraduate students who've worked in the lab:

Steven An (adaptive distance field generation and ray tracing), Spencer Ahrens (collocated eye-hand VR station), Matt Au (3D sculpting), Drew Chen (haptic calibration), Samuel Johnston (marching cubes extensions), Alex Joly (3D mark-up tools), Michelle Kam (haptic data-capture thread), Eric Karasuda (CHaMUE textual annotation), Johnnie Kim (ultrasonic transmitter holder), Paul Kowsarri (CHaMUE documentation), Alex Kozlowski (CHaMUE software engineering, with CHS), Kelson Kwong (calibration arm locator), Kenn Knowles (laser scanning), Grace Lau (3D printing), Carl Larsson (adaptive distance field generation), Eric Lew (haptic calibration pyramid), Vicky Li (ultrasonic transmitter holder), Sandy Lin (haptic data recording and playback), Daniel Low (undercut detection), Tomasz Matlak (collocated eye-hand VR station), Nisha Pan (haptic marking menus), Euzane Pao (head tracking driver), Devesh Parekh (haptic marking menus), Gary Peck (head tracking driver and networking), James Quintana (VR mental rotation training), Anis Sadeghpour (calibration arm holder), Ani Siyahian (adjustable ultrasonic transmitter holder), Kevin Stein (VR mental rotation training), Cheston Tan (haptic arm and head tracking calibration, with CHS), Cathy Tao (head-tracking driver), Anna Tsai (VR station keyboard holder and arm), Andrew Way (stereoscopic view generation), Chris Ward (collocated eye-hand VR station), Reza Widjaja (haptic SolidWorks), James Wu (shadow generation), Kathy Yiu (laser scanning), Gil Yuh (haptic debugging tools, with CHS).

Info for current research students:

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